Graphical Authentication based on One-Time Shape-Pattern Generation

Kentaro Ishii


We propose a graphical authentication method based on one-time shape-pattern generation aiming at mitigating the shoulder surfing problem. In the proposed method, one-time correct and dummy graphics are generated based on predefined generation rules. The user of the proposed method is authenticated by choosing the correct graphic from the presented group of graphics. Since different graphics are displayed each time, it can be difficult for another person to acquire necessary information for authentication even if conducting shoulder surfing. We present the proposed method using shape-pattern generation with in-depth consideration and evaluation. The result of the evaluation experiment, where one participant did authentication, while the other participant did shoulder surfing, showed that the proposed method achieved high genuine user pass rates and high non-genuine user rejection rates.


Kentaro Ishii.
Shoulder-Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication based on One-Time Shape-Pattern Generation.
Information Science and Applied Mathematics, Vol.30, pp.13-27, 2023.